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Pier Uno Resort & Dive Center was formerly known as Tanya’s Dive University, a family owned resort. It started as a rest house for the Crisostomo’s family and finally opened to the public in November 2005.

Our lodgings include: the Casitas Deluxe, Alexandria Executive and Superior as well as Native Kubo-Style rooms.

Our resort amenities features: outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, dining hall, where all meals are provided, on-site dive training by certified dive instructors and dive masters and a dive shop where guests rent dive equipment. In the dive shop Pier Uno provides a camera room where guests may review their video footage, and where guests may review their camera equipment. Guests may also arrange Bangka dive tours, and avail our spa services.

Upon arrival you will be greeted warmly by our staff and offered complimentary refreshments.


The resort is situated in Anilao, Batangas. Within the Anilao Proper, in the municipality of Mabini.

Anilao, Batangas is two to three hours away from the busy streets of Metro Manila via the newly constructed skyway. It is a popular place for divers, and the snorkelers all year round.

We invite you to join us here at Pier Uno Dive Resort to enjoy all forty dive sites with our trained and certified Dive Masters.


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Pier Uno Dive Resort is accredited by the Department of Tourism as a two star resort. We are accredited by the Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving. We are also an accredited centre of SDI and SSI. We welcome other diving organizations such as PADI and CMAS.

We are committed to providing an unforgettable diving experience full of excitement, while exploring the exotic underwater environment and taking in the spectacular undersea fauna.

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Bangka Services

Do you want to enjoy the island? Rent our Bangka Services for a reasonable price. Our expert “bangkeros” are always ready to give you a tour around the reefs.

Pool Area

Our pools feature temperature controlled waters for a leisurely swim.

Explore Our rooms

rooms for any kind of budget


  • • 1 Room with 1 Queen Bed & can accommodate 1 to 2 (extra) persons per room
  • • 2 Rooms with 2 Single Bed & can accommodate 2 to 3 (extra) persons per room


  • • 4 Rooms with 1 Queen Bed & can accommodate 2 to 3 (extra) persons per room
  • • 4 Rooms with 2 Single Bed & can accommodate 2 to 3 (extra) persons per room

Casita Deluxe Room

  • • 3 Rooms with 2 Queen Bed & Loft, can accommodate 4 to 6 (extra) persons per room
  • • 1 Room with 1 King Size Bed & Loft, can accommodate 2 to 4 (extra) persons per room
  • • 4 Rooms with 2 Queen Bed & Loft, can accommodate 4 to 5 (extra) persons per room

Alexandria (Superior) Rooms

  • • 5 Rooms with 1 Queen Bed & 1 Single Bed, can accommodate 2-3 persons per room


  • • 2 Rooms with 2 Queen Bed & can accommodate 4 persons per room
  • • 1 Room with 2 Queen Bed with Bathtub & can accommodate 4 persons per room

Why Pier Uno Resort & Dive Center

Pier Uno Resort's Spa

Massage is an art and a science where touch is the core ingredient. Touch conveys a sense of caring. Therapists use a variety of hands-on methods and specific techniques for pain relief, relaxation and to stimulate and tone the body for better health.

Therapeutic massage can be used to promote general wellness while boosting the circulatory and immune systems to benefit blood pressure, circulation, muscle tone, digestion, skin tone, and more. Massage is a great way to improve your health and feel good at the same time.

There are many variations and types of massage, which can be personalized for your needs. Pier Uno Resort & Dive Center provides quality massage for your wellness; you can enjoy the care of our therapists after a day of diving. Book in advance to avail the service, contact our Front Office for more information.


  • Reduce Stress
  • Relieve Pain
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improve Attitude And Alertness
  • Enhance And Maintain Good Health
  • Prevent Injury And Illness
  • Improve Posture
  • Recover From Injury More Quickly
  • Relax Muscle Tension And Improve Mobility And Flexibility
  • Stimulate And Detoxify The Body
  • It Just Feels Wonderful

Pier Uno Resort's Awards and Accreditation

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